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2 Tips When Renting Wedding Equipment

Wedding Equipment
Planning a wedding is one of most challenging tasks you can undertake. For that reason, many couples hire a wedding planner to handle the nuts and bolts end of things. Yet many people choose to tackle wedding planning themselves, either as a way to save money or simply because they enjoy the challenge.

One place where many people run into trouble has to do with rental equipment. No matter how thorough you are, it can be all too easy to overlook certain rental necessities in the heat of the moment. If you would like to learn more about how to avoid last-minute catastrophes at your wedding, read on. This article will outline two key things to keep in mind when ordering your rental equipment.

1. Order One or Two Extra Tables

Tables are one of the most commonly rented items for weddings. Figuring out how many tables you need may seem like a relatively straightforward task. Yet a surprising number of people fail to take certain needs into consideration. Always start with a careful calculation of dining tables, as these will make up the bulk of your table rental.

A 66-inch round table can accommodate up to 10 people, while a 72-inch table can comfortably seat as many as 13. Many bride and grooms prefer to sit at a special sweetheart table - usually a round table just large enough to accommodate the two of them.

Once you've calculated how many dining tables you need, move on to buffet tables. Six- or eight-foot rectangular tables are the most popular option here. Some people choose to use their buffet tables as cake tables after the dinner service has ended. Others prefer to display their cake from the beginning. If so, you'll need to add another table for that.

Now consider your gift and/or guestbook tables. If you are hiring a bar service, check with them about their table needs. Unless they plan to bring their own tables, rent two 6-foot rectangular tables for their use. Finally, calculate the number of tables you'll need for behind-the-scenes use - whether for food staging, bridal suites, or any other use.

Once you think you have come up with the appropriate number, add one or two extra 6-foot tables. The relatively small cost increase will be well worth it if you realize at the last minute that you need another table. Just be sure to order extra linens for those tables as well.

2. Don't Forget Walkway Lights

Many people getting married during warmer months choose to hold their wedding in an outdoor or semioutdoor venue. A rental tent provides protection against inclement weather during the dinner and reception phases of your wedding. Yet if your wedding will be continuing after sundown, you also need to consider the safety of your guests as they move to and from the tent.

Tea lights in paper bags may seem like a romantic - and inexpensive - idea, yet this style of light can present difficulties. For one thing, there's always the risk of fire if a bag gets knocked over. Secondly, those tea lights have a somewhat limited life span, meaning they may burn down long before your wedding has reached its climax.

More trustworthy options include string lights, decorative hurricane lanterns, or hanging Moroccan lanterns. A reputable rental company should be able to suggest three or four different options, allowing you to choose the one best suited to your overall aesthetic.

A successful wedding requires lots of planning and consideration. An experienced company can offer lots of suggestions and help to ensure that you end up with everything you need. For more information, please contact the rental pros at Rex Rental Inc.

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