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3 Important Tools to Rent When Building a Small Workshop

Air Nailer And Other Carpenter Tools
For roughly 100 years, the average garage size has remained about 9 to 10 feet wide by 18 to 20 feet long per vehicle, according to Houzz. Therefore, the garage attached to your house may serve the purpose of housing your vehicles, but the garage likely does not give you ample space to both store your vehicle and tackle projects at once. Building your own small workshop is a nice solution. 

The everyday carpenter who has building skills does not always keep a full repertoire of tools. Tools commonly used for construction are not cheap to purchase, and if not used often, the tools are not a logical investment. Thankfully, you can rent electric hand tools as you need them. Look at these tools you will need from the rental place to build your workshop.

1. Air Nailer
From the framing studs to the rafters, your building will have to go together piece by piece, which involves a lot of nailing. Renting a good air nailer before you start the project will be hugely beneficial as you bring materials together. Air nailers utilize compressed air from an air compressor or CO2 cartridges. The nailers are available in different types, such as: 

  • Brad nailers for small brad nails 
  • Roofing nailers for heavy-duty roofing nails and fasteners
  • Framing nailers for typical framing nails

Many of these nailers have a specific designation for what type of fastening process they do, so pay attention to that when you pick out the nailers you need at the rental store. Those designed for specific purposes utilize specific fasteners and will not work with the wrong fastener type. Most professional contractors have multiple pneumatic air nailers they rely on. 

2. Miter Saw
Cutting corner framing pieces, truss pieces, and even the trim pieces around your doorframe or window if you have one will involve many angled cuts so you can properly butt the pieces together in a perfected squared point. You can make these 90-degree cuts with a lot of saws, but the miter saw is the tool that makes the process a lot less of a struggle. 

A miter saw is a heavy-duty saw mounted on a platform. On the underside of the platform, you have a movable arm that you pull down exactly over specific cut markings on your wood pieces. Because you make the cuts from above instead of driving a saw through the wood from the side, you end up with cleaner cuts that are easier to join together. 

3. Freestanding Work Light
Starting a massive project like building a workshop will mean some long days. Underestimating how long the project will take is easy to do. If you get caught working after dark, having enough light until you get to a stopping point is really important. To that end, make sure you rent a freestanding work light.

These super bright lamps evenly distribute light over the work area so you can see what you are doing and avoid costly errors as you work. Even better, the freestanding models can be set up just about anywhere and have fully adjustable light mounts to direct light where you need it the most. 

With a little carpentry knowledge, some patience, and the right tools, an individual can build their own workshop and save a lot of money on hiring a contractor. If you need help finding the right tools for your workshop building project, reach out to us at Rex Rental for more information and with any questions you have. We offer a full line of power tools, ladders, and other equipment for the DIY homeowner. 

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