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Backyard Entertainment Ideas

Backyard garden with pond
There is no better way to entertain yourself and your guests than with a well-designed backyard. You can design many outdoor amenities in your yard and install them all by yourself. To create these backyard features, you can rent the equipment and tools that you need. Here are some of the designs that you can include in a residential yard that is good for entertaining.

Install a Barbecue Area

Outdoor entertaining is better with a well-planned barbecue and dining area. You can design a barbecue area that is plumbed for hot and cold running water and has electricity to run an electrical cooking spit and a refrigerator.
To prepare the area, use a trencher to level the ground. Use a band saw and a reciprocating saw to create a wood framework, and then you can build your barbecue with flagstone or garden rocks, which can be purchased at a home and garden store, around the framework.
You can use power hand tools to bury plumbing and electrical lines to and from your barbecue area. If you're not experienced with connecting plumbing and power lines, you can hire a plumber and an electrician to help you install these lines.

Install a Reflecting Pond

A reflecting pond can be the center of entertainment when you invite guests to your home. You can install a free-form pond in your yard with outdoor seating for you and your guests.
To build your pond, use a trencher and backhoe to remove dirt and excavate a hole big enough for your pond. Line the pond hole with plastic sheeting or use concrete mixers to make enough concrete and mortar to line your pond. This lining can prevent pond water from leaking into the ground.
Level a pathway around the pond with a trencher and line it with flagstones. Set your flagstones in freshly mixed concrete to create the pathway. You can place chairs and chaise lounges on the path to create unique seating areas.

Install a Running Stream

A running stream is another feature that can add beauty and interest to your yard. A running stream can meander around the outskirts of your yard and connect directly to a reflecting pond.
You can use the dirt that you excavated to install the pond to create different ground levels in your yard. Purchase a submersible pump to circulate the water in the running stream to all areas and levels. Once you have some elevated ground levels in your yard, you can create and install a waterfall to add to the sound of the running stream.

Install an Elevated Porch and Railing

You can install an elevated wooden porch for outdoor entertaining in any area of your yard. Design your porch to catch the sun and shade at different times of the day.
Use standard-sized lumber to build the porch and railing. Measure your lumber and cut it to size with a band saw and circular saw. Use a power drill to drill holes in the lumber and screw your wood components together.
You can use a post-hole auger to install posts around your porch and connect the posts with railings. Use a belt sander to finish all edges so that they are smooth to the touch. For a finishing touch, plant climbing vines around the railing to soften it with growing flowers and plants.
To install any of your garden designs in your residential yard, you can rent quality power tools from Rex Rental Inc. We can deliver all of the power tools that you will need and then pick them up when you have completed your project. 

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