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How To Use A Stump Grinder For Your Lawn

Stump grinder

After you have chopped down that tree, you might not think the stump left behind is an eyesore. You may even think that it adds charm to your property. But you may later find that you cannot install a walkway or patio. Even worse is the effect that an old stump can have on your property over the years.

Don't Ruin Your Yard

As the stump decays, it might attract mold and fungi. These organisms can harm nearby plant life. Also, depending on the tree species, you may see the tree continue to thrive even after you have chopped it down. Poplar trees, for instance, are notorious for continuing to grow after being chopped down. The solution is to rent a stump grinder.

Save The Stump Grinding For The End

The stump grinder should be the final part of a stump removal process. You should trim the stump as close to the ground as possible before finishing it off. Your stump grinder won't work as hard, and you will find the rest of the job much easier.

Wear Protective Equipment

Wear the appropriate protective equipment before chopping up that stump. Put on a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying wood chips. Wear thick work gloves to protect your hands from flying wood chips. Have as little exposed skin as possible.

Wear earplugs or protective earmuffs to protect your ears from the noisy stump grinder. Loud noises can damage your hearing faster than you might think. When working with others, have a system of hand signals to communicate.

Clear the Area

Clear the area of all objects that could end up inside the stump grinder, such as rocks or a golf ball. The grinder isn't designed to chew up anything other than the stump, and you could damage it.

Rocks can sometimes be difficult to remove. Use a wheelbarrow, so you do not have to carry heavy rocks long distances. Use a rake to remove gravel. Dig up medium-sized rocks with a shovel. You may need help from others to move heavy rocks.

Apply the Grinding Wheel Slowly and Carefully

Keep your feet out of the way of the stump grinder throughout this process. Place the grinder above the stump and then power it up. Lower the grinder wheel so that it touches the stump. The machine comes with a level that will allow you to move the stump from side-to-side to destroy it. Allow the machine to chew a hole several inches deep.

Grinding hardwood should take time because you will not want to force the wheel into the stump. Instead, you will want to use the grinder to slowly chew layers off the stump and work your way down. You will be safer with this approach and will not damage the grinder.

Grind Exposed Roots

You may also use the grinder to grind exposed roots. They may be unsightly, and they will also help the tree continue to survive. If you continue to have a problem with tree roots infiltrating your pipes, this is why. 

Remove and Compost the Wood Chips

After grinding your stump, wood chips should be everywhere. While you could dispose of the wood chips, the best use for them is to use them as compost since they will reintroduce nitrogen to the soil. Make sure to place the wood chips in a compost bin that is separate from your kitchen and garden waste.

At Rex Rental Inc, we offer a range of tools that you can rent, whether you are a contractor or a DIY homeowner. Renting a tool makes sense if you will only be using it once, which is often the case with stump grinders.

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