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Rental Equipment Every Homeowner Needs for Hurricane Recovery

Chainsaw On Top Of Cut Tree
Southern Florida is known for its warm climate, lush flora and fauna, and beautiful beaches. However, our part of Florida is also one of the worst places for hurricanes. Recent hurricanes exceeded federal damage estimates, and experts predict future hurricane models will increase in severity and frequency.

Cleanup for property owners can be monumental depending on your proximity to the coast. Fortunately, hurricane recovery is a bit easier when you have the right tools and resources. Take a look at the following rental equipment every homeowner needs for a simpler and quicker cleanup.

Chainsaws and Stump Grinders
Wind damage is often the first type of damage hurricanes cause. Winds must blow at least 75 mph for a hurricane to claim Category 1 status. Increased wind speeds lead to fallen or uprooted trees, downed power lines, and missing roofs and other structural damage to buildings.

Plentiful palm and other types of trees in Florida can mean a lot of cleanup once the hurricane passes by. Your yard or property can be blocked with fallen trees and other debris. A chainsaw makes quick work of breaking down fallen trees and limbs for easy removal.

Sometimes a tree can be partially uprooted. Once hewn down fully, a sizeable tree still leaves behind a huge stump or exposed root system that requires a stump grinder to completely remove it.

Mini Bobcat Front-End Loader
Another aspect of hurricane damage includes storm surge, the rapid rise of sea water onto land when the hurricane's eye makes landfall. Storm surge causes damage both from flooding and destruction from the pounding of ocean waves far inland.

As ocean water recedes, it leaves behind an incredible amount of sand. Property very near the coast often contains large amounts of sand and other sediment brought from the ocean and nearby dunes or islands.

Your property might be left with large drifts of sand, dirt, gravel, and other debris after a hurricane. You can more efficiently tackle and remove large quantities of sand with a mini front-end loader. The large front scoop of the Bobcat has a much larger capacity than a hand shovel and allows you to get the job done faster.

Instead, use that hand shovel to remove sand from corners and other areas the Bobcat cannot access.

Submersible Pumps and Generators
Floodwater from a hurricane can remain long after the skies are blue and sunny. The important thing is to clean up your property from floods as quickly as possible to avoid problems with mold and spread of illness from contaminated water. Mold can start to grow in as little as one to two days, so fast action is important.

You may need a generator to power your recovery equipment if the power is still out. First, use a submersible pump to remove standing water from your home and property. Next, throw away wet insulation and drywall, which is difficult to fully dry and the first to see mold growth.

Open windows to allow floors, doors, and other wood components inside of your home to start to dry out. Setting up several fans throughout your home may help speed up this process. Or close the windows and run a dehumidifier to help dry inside air.

Hurricanes may cause millions in damage, but cleanup and recovery is possible. Enlist the help of rental equipment to aid you in your own cleanup efforts. Our rental equipment is always ready when you need it and requires no costly maintenance or bulky storage on your part. Visit us at Rex Rental Inc. to see more ways we can help you with other indoor and outdoor projects.

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