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The Equipment You Need to Keep Your Commercial Carpet Clean

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Surface management is one of the primary components in any commercial building maintenance plan. There are many surfaces within a commercial space, but the floors take a lot of abuse. Carpeted areas can be especially difficult to maintain.

Commercial carpets must stand up to a high volume of traffic on a daily basis. This foot traffic makes carpet maintenance a must for any business trying to improve the aesthetic and safety of their building.

Access to the right equipment will help you create a carpet maintenance program that will keep your commercial floor surfaces looking their best and reduce the life-cycle costs of carpeting in the future.

Blowers to Reduce Soil Infiltration
A comprehensive carpet maintenance program begins outside your commercial building. Dirt particles can be very detrimental to the quality of your carpet. As customers and employees bring dirt inside, these dirt particles can become lodged within carpet fibers.

Dirt can be extremely abrasive, lowering the lifespan of carpet fibers and dulling their appearance. You want to reduce the amount of outside soil that gets tracked into your commercial space, and the right equipment can help.

Blowers should be used to remove soil from sidewalks daily so that dirt stays outside instead of infiltrating your commercial building and wreaking havoc on the quality of your carpet.

Vacuums to Remove Visible Soil
An industrial-strength vacuum should be used to eliminate all visible soil from your commercial carpets on a daily basis. When dirt particles become visible on your carpets, the aesthetic and safety of your commercial space could be compromised.

These visible dirt particles can become airborne when customers and employees tread on your carpets. Air quality within your commercial space suffers, and customers or employees with respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, etc.) may experience a worsening of their symptoms.

You want a vacuum with a powerful motor, lightweight design, and multi-element filtration system to enhance the effectiveness of your carpet maintenance program.

Steam Cleaners to Eliminate Embedded Pathogens
Daily vacuuming can get rid of the dirt you see on the surface of your carpet, but most vacuums don't address the pathogens that are embedded deep within your carpet's fibers.

Carpeting essentially acts as a giant filter within your building. Any toxins, pollutants, VOCs, bacteria, or other pathogens found in your commercial space will inevitably end up in your carpeting. The best way to remove these pathogens is through steam cleaning.

Commercial steam cleaners heat water to high temperatures and then inject the water into carpet fibers using air pressure. This results in the suspension of any pathogens in the carpet. The steam cleaner then uses suction to remove the suspended pathogens.

You can pair a steam cleaner with a carpet blower to help dry out steamed carpets quickly. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to return your carpet to normal use.

You need to rely on functional equipment if you want to care for your commercial carpets properly. The purchase of all the equipment you will need to manage your carpets can be costly. In order to reduce expenditures, many companies opt to rent these pieces of equipment instead.

Rented equipment allows you to upgrade the tools you are using to care for your carpets to take advantage of new technologies without incurring additional expenses. You will also be able to eliminate equipment maintenance costs from your operational budget, since the rental company is responsible for maintaining the blowers, steam cleaners, and carpet blowers they rent out to commercial customers.

Contact Rex Rental Inc if you are ready to take your carpet maintenance program to the next level. We have a wide range of floor care rental equipment to help you better manage and maintain your commercial space.

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