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When To Rent A Band Saw

Whether you are someone who enjoys crafting or someone who likes do it yourself carpentry, you will be glad to know that you can easily rent the tools that you need for various projects.
This is great since it saves you from having to pay full-price for an item you will likely only use once or twice.
One of the most common tools that people rent is saws in various types. And, one of the most popular types of saws is the band saw. You can use this saw for many different purposes and projects, so it's smart to be aware of its various uses. That way, you'll know when to rent this tool.

Cutting Odd Shapes

Because of the unique design and flexibility of the band saw, it can cut odd or irregular shapes that other saws can't quite manage.
Thus, if your project involves an irregular shape, a lot of curves, or some other different or unusual piece that a regular saw just won't cut, a band saw is a great option.
A knowledgeable rental service can talk to you about your cutting needs and then help match you up with just the right band saw for your purposes.


Another great use for your band saw is resawing, which is when you basically split open a piece of wood.
Typically, this is done right down the middle to create two perfectly matched halves. These halves can then be used for all kinds of things, such as creating panels, craft boards, and more.
A band saw can quickly and easily cut through even thicker pieces of wood, so it is an excellent choice for this particular job, especially if you want a smooth, even cut on the wood instead of the jagged effect you would get with most other types of saws.

Cutting Perfect Circles

As mentioned, band saws are great for cutting irregular shapes. However, they can also be useful with not-so-irregular shapes, and this includes perfect circles.
If you are cutting circles for a craft project or for construction and they have to be perfectly round, then a band saw is the correct way to achieve this design.
You simply scribe the circle onto the wood, drill through the center, position the wood as needed, and then get to cutting. There are guides and special add-on tools that you can also rent for help with this particular job.

Processing Small Logs

It might surprise you to learn that you can actually process logs with a band saw. Obviously, you can't do this with huge pieces of lumber, but for smaller logs, a band saw works just fine.
You can use your band saw to make your own pencils or other wood products. You can also cut your own firewood or simply get a good look inside of logs you've found.
All of these things are easy to accomplish with a strong band saw and a little know-how.

Cutting Multiple Identical Pieces

Some projects, unfortunately, require you to cut several identical pieces, which can be somewhat of a tedious process.

Fortunately, a band saw, especially when combined with an easy to use template, can make the job much faster and easier.
Plus, if you have a very strong saw and thinner pieces of wood, you may even be able to cut multiple pieces at once.
As you can see, the band saw has many great uses. If you ever have a project that requires you to do any of the things listed above, then a band saw is the way to go.
You can rent your band saw and a wide range of other tools you may need from Rex Rental Inc. for superior quality and affordable pricing.

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